New technology and democratised access to digital media have impacted strategies that seek to heighten global awareness of humanitarian and related issues. Such tools are integral to efforts seeking to inspire empathy, political engagement, social activism, donor funding and charitable giving.

High quality documentaries are the core component from which an effect ripples out from individual level impact to institutional social change. Social impact is a broad umbrella concept that can include change to individuals, groups, systems and institutions. The primary goals of social issue media projects are to inform, engage and motivate publics. Publics in this perspective are groups of users for whom the film and related campaigns serve as a catalyst for debate, as well as advocates who seize upon the film as a hub for action. Social impact documentary is a transformative act of communication.

Filmmaking for Social Change screenings were inaugurated in 2019 with two sold-out events in Pamplona and Barcelona. A short festival of documentaries was curated on the theme of forced migration and refugees. 



  • To examine the role documentaries can play in telling the stories of ordinary citizens  - how they live and work, the challenges they face, and their aspirations for the future;

  • To highlight how documentaries can act as a platform for real people in their desire for change;

  • To include presentations from media professionals and screenings of relevant documentaries with discussions that will allow all attendees to explore the implications of the works screened.

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